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The impacts of Climate Change and the absence of Somalis

The impacts of Climate Change and the absence of Somalis

Today the entire people in this world are fighting to solve the climate change and most of international and regional climate campaigners are busy how it can be easy to solve without doing critical approach.

Somalia has not had a powerful government for close to two decades but has had no effective and weak government although most of Somali regions are out of its hand. In addition to that Somalia is one of the poorest countries in Africa and in the world particularly for those sufferers of climate change.

For the moment, there is a big conference for climate change which is going on in Copenhagen Denmark so that Somalia joined the efforts in Copenhagen as ministry level in order to be part the upcoming decisions from the conference.

The National Association of Somali Science and Environmental Journalists (NASSEJ) would like to welcome the announcement by the Somali Transitional Federal Government that it needs to become a party to the signed members on the declaration of environment protection on 09th December, 2009.

However, In 2007 the climate has been particularly harsh in Somalia:

first, the heavy rains at parts in the caused flooding in central Somalia as well as the droughts in the other parties caused a lot of problems that affected the people and the animals. But the rainy season itself was a disappointment, and water shortage made it impossible to replenish the reservoirs. Cereal production this year of 2009 is at 30% of the average for the last decade.

Secondly, clashes between Islamist-led insurgents and Somalia government along with AMISOM forces pushed many Somalis to flee their homes and Some displaced persons in camps are victims of the December 2004 tsunami who lost their fishing boats-and came to towns inland hoping for help.

Their villages and communities were almost 5,000 kilometres from the epicentre of the earthquake that caused the tsunami, and yet they were not spared.

Anyhow, Somali minster of environment Mr.Buri’e Mohamed Hamza is now pressent at cop15 meeting in Denmark and stated that Somalia government wishes to do a lot of environment protection the years ahead.

NASSEJ is working to protect Somalia environment and would like to inform the climate and environmental health campaigners in the world to put their front line agenda how is important to solve the ongoing environmental crisis in Somalia.

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