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Kenya's Former President Doesn't know the connection between tree's and rain?

Watching news this days has become a dreadful exercise.....and so is reading newspapers.....And I'm a journalist so I got to keep up to date.....

it is easy to think that we are in the 14th Century where forests were in abundance if you are watching news.... You would excuse those who lived then for wondering why the heck conservation is an issue.

Times have changed. Kenya's former president Moi hasnt. He is asking Kenyans not to link the Mau Forest, one of the country's biggest water catchment areas to the effects of climate change?

There are 12 rivers whose source is the Mau forest and thousands of people depend on them for their livelihood. Moi agrees that he hasnt seen a big a drought like the one that was experienced recently but he is quick to say that it has nothing to do with the Mau?

I want a flight to a far away land and when I come back I want to find Kenya having put its house in order.
As a journalist, it is difficult to deal with leaders who put issues out of context and it is headline news. And I think thats where we fail as journalists. We have a responsibility to ensure that what we put out to our listerns/readers/viewers in information that is in context.

You see, this is a former president and we tend to listen to people who appear to have authority in one way or another. But we also have to admit that the Moi owns a tea farm in the Mau forest- 937 hectares of land were hived off to give way to this tea farm.

It is an insult to watch Moi lecturing us on what it ought and ought not to do yet it was during his tenure that things became a mess. The other day I was watching the news as a former cabinet minister (served in Moi's gov) told a gathering that rains don't come from trees....rains come from heaven and then the tree's grow. He didnt understand why people living in the Mau were being asked to leave. So we can now agree that politics is a dirty game. ...for votes. But at what cost?

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