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 The Global Media Journal, African Edition invites submissions for its next issue with a theme of media and governance in Africa. This issue is primarily focused on ways and means of addressing the issues of governance in Africa and how its application can be subject to wars as well as socio-political or economic crises.

Within this theme "media and governance in Africa," the GMJ, African Edition encourages research papers addressing the challenges facing > the Africa media to cope with the Millennium Development Goals. Non-African scholarship still considers the threat to the future of African democracies to lie in the small number of citizens who "want" democracy.

This low demand for political reform is described by Dabezies: "If [democracy] corresponds to a diffuse feeling of freedom, indeed, at a higher level, to a profound desire to liberate the masses, it as yet directly concerns but a minority, intellectuals and civil servants in particular, certain of whom have only recently begun to oppose the regimes they denounce" (1992:25).

This dilemma resonates with the pervasion of 'Afropessimism', a sense of Africa’s inescapable descent into economic decline, political  collapse and social disorganisation that is shared by scholars, policy > makers and media in the global North.

This debate on democracy in Africa questions the level of analytical paradigms that are usually employed to define and measure democratic progress, as well as evaluating what is happening in the African political arena.

Through this issue, there is a call for a new approach to define democracy in Africa, and understand the values of its representation through exploring nouvelle conceptual framework that reflects its locality within the African context, content and contests, by enquiring about the media problems emerging with 'Rule?' 'Who rule?' 'Who are The people? '

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Ibrahim Saleh, Editor of the Global Media Journal, African Edition


 Ibrahim Saleh, Ph.D.

Convenor of Political Communication at the Centre For Film & Media Studies, University of Cape Town (UCT); Chair of the Journalism Research and > Education Section in the International Association for Media &  Communication Research (IAMCR);Co-editor of the Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies; Editor of Global Media Journal African Edition, & Global Partner Organization of the UN Alliance of Civilization > Media Literacy Education Clearinghouse.

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