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Can we expect a new start of the UN climate talks in Bonn?

On Monday UNFCCC negotiatorsmeet again, this time in Bonn, Germany. This is the first official meetings since COP17 in Durban, December last year, and it might turn out to be a new begining.

International climate talks have not delivered any big results on ambition for years. COP17 ended with a decision to open a new track of negotiations, the so called Durban Platform for enhanced action. The new track is set to deliver an agreement in 2015, the latest, and it could become a way to enter a new dialogue, with new dynamics and increased ambitions.

However, this is only one possible outcome of the meeting in Bonn, and there are many hurdles on the way. To begin with COP17 did not close the "old" negotiations and one big task is therefore to agree on what to do with those issues which are not resolved. Secondly, the agreement from Durban can be interpreted in many ways and it is therefore a major task to agree on what to include in these new talks. And finally, one of the major issues on the agenda in Bonn is "equity". Equity is probably one of the most difficult issues to discuss, but at the same time one of the most important. Without agerement about an equitable effort sharing a global agreement in 2015 won't be possible.

There are many hurdles to evercome, but it is still possible to make the Bonn-meeting a success. In the end it all depend on the political will of the parties. If they enter negotiations to reach compromises and achieve results, Bonn could become a new start of the UN climate talks.

Follow my comments from the climate talks in the coming two days in this blog and at twitter: Mattias_S

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