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BTCV Carbon Army swings into action with Miliband

Just days before he travels to Copenhagen to try and reach a global deal on climate change, the UK's Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change will be environmental volunteering in South Yorkshire.

Ed Miliband, Doncaster North MP, will join BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) to support the leading environmental charity’s Carbon Army campaign on Friday December 4.

He will plant trees to help soak up carbon and bolster hedgerows to improve biodiversity and migrating species.

During BTCV’s 3000 days of action the Carbon Army could

• Plant 1.4 million trees (enough to stretch from London to Brighton at three trees per metre), or
• Create enough allotment space to save three million food miles, or
• Turn an area the size of 34 Wembley football pitches in to urban green spaces.

Throughout December, BTCV’s Carbon Army of volunteers will be carrying out frontline action on climate change.

As 3,000 delegates – including Mr Miliband – travel to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen to talk about climate change, BTCV will head into local communities across the UK to actively give 3,000 days of environmental volunteering to combat global-warming.

BTCV’s Carbon Army will be volunteering at BTCV local food growing project to reduce the carbon impact of food miles and planting trees to soak up carbon. Others will be helping to conserve urban green spaces to keep cities cool.

BTCV aims to prove that by acting collectively, individuals can make a difference to a global problem.

The Carbon Army – - is BTCV’s biggest campaign in its 50 year history and Mr Miliband will volunteer with BTCV’s Carbon Army in his constituency in Thorne, South Yorkshire.

Mr Miliband said: “I’m supporting BTCV’s Carbon Army because it offers people, regardless of age or background, a practical way to get involved in local projects that result in positive benefits to the environment, those individuals and their communities. The Carbon Army gives people an opportunity to take local, direct action on climate change. It’s proof that we can individually make a difference.”

BTCV Chairman Rupert Evenett said: “Many climate change campaigns focus on raising awareness but BTCV prefers to go straight into action - showing people practical ways to tackle climate change individually and collectively. We’re delighted Mr Miliband has given his support to BTCV’s Carbon Army and we wish him well ahead of his critical visit to Copenhagen.”

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