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Climate talks in Lima: Is EU bringing gifts to the poor?

A key challenge in international negotiations is how to strike a balance. As one part has initiated a first move, they await the counterpart to make the next. This is also the case for the ongoing climate negotiations in Lima. The true challenge is to agree on when a proposal is so important that the counterpart needs to make a corresponding proposal.

Leading up to COP20 in Lima, we saw many initiatives from the EU.…


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Climate finance is about more than numbers

A global transition, towards a green future, built on resilience, will not come for free. Investments are needed, and action needs to be taken. And there is need for someone to pay the bill.


Climate finance has been a key element in the climate debates for years, and some progress has been made. The Green Climate Fund is a concrete result from the UN…


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Church leaders send their blessings to the IPCC meeting in Copenhagen

His Holiness Pope Francis, Archbishop…


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EU leaders: We want to be climate champions…but we don’t know how

climate and energy policyFriday, early morning, EU leaders adopted a new climate and energy policy. A policy which should guide the unions’ effort towards a low carbon transformation, including targets which would feed into the forthcoming global climate agreement, to be adopted in Paris 2015.

Footprints of…


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Climate days in New York, what can we expect?

There is an increasing global awareness about the need to take climate change seriously. Actually, this knowledge has been known for quite some time, and many governments around the world are already taking initiatives to reduce emissions, and to transform their countries into low carbon economies. Still science tells us that there is need to do more, a lot more.

The coming days in New York the need “to do more” is in…


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Three reasons why Juncker should keep the position as climate commissioner

Today the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker will present his new commission, and we will know what the new top management of the European Union will look like. I am sure the commission will be a group of well qualified and committed people, but their performance will not only depend on their skills, but also which tasks and responsibilities they are given.…


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Will governments consider the latest climate research?

It can't be said more clearly. The effects of climate change are profound and global.  They will affect us all, and there is an urgent need to focus on adaptation. This is the solid message from the Intergovernmental panel on climate change, IPCC. But will this message be brought forward to the UN climate talks?


The recent IPCC report on impacts of…


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EU puts the climate on hold

Today the European Council met to discuss a new mitigation target for 2030. This target should have been an important input to the current debate about new and increased climate ambition. In September the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon, invites all heads of states to a meeting in New York, to discuss increased ambition. However, with the decision from today, EU won’t have a new mitigation target to present until October, the earliest.…


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Last day, and last possibillity to make Warsaw worth to remember

Two weeks of negotiations are about to end, and today we will see if they will deliver a result. Someone said that COP19 already is an historic COP. It is the first COP ever where the ambitions are lower when the meeting ends, than when the meeting began. The statement refered to the fact that Japan and Australia announced dereased ambitions. However, if miracles aren't happening today, we may end up with reduced emissions also in other areas. 

There are three themes which need to be…


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A new opportunity to increase ambition in the UN climate talks

Tomorrow a new round of climate negotiations begins. The meeting, which takes place in Bonn, Germany, is the first meeting since the climate summit last year, COP18. Every time parties meet, they have a chance to move the talks forward, to increase ambition and to show the world that climate change is taken serious. What can we expect from the coming week in Bonn?

Not much, I am afraid…

Even if there is an agreement from COP18, many parties are disappointed. Ambition was…


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Will 2013 deliver increased climate ambition?

2012 is over and we can look back on a year with far too many climate related disasters. During the summer US was hit hard by droughts, effecting food prices all around world. Later on the Caribbean, and the US, was hit by the hurricane Sandy, with huge effects on both lives and infrastructure. The year ended with another horrifying storm, as typhoon Bopha hit Philippines, affecting thousands of people.

Even though 2012 taught us about the effects of climate change, the climate…


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The Durban hangover

When parties left Durban five months ago they could return home with an agreement. COP17 was presented as a diplomatic success and a breakthrough in global climate talks. When parties met again in Bonn, two weeks ago, they had to interpret what was really decided in Durban, and that has not been easy.

The past two weeks of negotiations have been difficult, no doubt. There are very different views on how to proceed, and while talks in Bonn centered on increased ambitions, it is very…


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Lack of ambitions hinder progress in climate talks

Trust between parties has reached a historic low  

No agreement about how to proceed

After nearly two weeks of negotiations parties have still not agreed on an agenda for how to take the Durban agreement forward. The dispute, which has led to new fronts in the climate talks, dividing developing countries, is focused on how to approach mitigation actions up to 2020. China, supported by a group of bigger developing countries want…


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Will private finance pay the climate bill?

When western governments are talking about climate finance they rapidly tend to focus on the potential of "private finance". Considering the impacts of the financial crisis and the difficulties to mobilize public sources, this is an obvious choice. However, there is no pile of cash lying around with a sign "private finance".

DanChurchAid, the Danish member of the…


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Can we expect a new start of the UN climate talks in Bonn?

On Monday UNFCCC negotiatorsmeet again, this time in Bonn, Germany. This is the first official meetings since COP17 in Durban, December last year, and it might turn out to be a new begining.

International climate talks have not delivered any big results on ambition for years. COP17 ended with a decision to open a new track of negotiations, the so called Durban Platform for enhanced action. The new…


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In Panama, waiting for progress in the Climate talks

The last session before COP17, and now we all want to see big steps taken towards a Fair, Ambitious and legally Binding agreement. So far negotiators are in a good mode, but there is no sight of the "big steps". On the contrary industrialised countries did what they could yesterday to avoid talkig about financial sources which is one of the key issues for Durban.


If you want to follow Panama more closesly you can follow me on Twitter (Mattias_S).

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On my way to Bonn - hope that the climat enegotiations will take a step forward

Another UNFCCC session. Delegates gathering again, again, to again find their places in the plenary hall, and again to make efforts to move the climate negotiations forward. I hope Bonn will make progress and I hope the meeting will deliver a result which can help COP17 to  become a success.


But I am afraid that it doesn't look good. Negotiations seems to get stuck again, and recent reports show that global emissions are growing at the same time as the effects of climate…


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In Bangkok to attend the first UNFCCC session of the year

Finally arrived in Bangkok. Hoping that this meeting can create a good start for a new year of negotiations, hopefully leading to a Fair Ambitious and legally Binding agreement. However, considering the amount of big issues pushed forward from Cancun it won't be easy...

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Japan pulls the brake

It is ironic, or maybe more tragic, but Japan, the country which gave name to the Kyoto Protocol, now refuses to support its future. Its statement: “Japan will not inscribe its target under the Kyoto Protocol on any condi­tions or under any circumstances" is a bucket of cold water on the negotiations.

Japan signed the Kyoto Protocol and committed to negotiate a second commitment period. But now it is pulling back sharply, deepening the mistrust between rich and poor nations in…


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