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Thank God for Fox News…

Research concludes that Fox News leaves its viewers significantly misinformed about climate change, while a leaked internal memo suggests the channel has actively deceived its viewers about the subject.


Read the rest of this post at Under the Banyan.

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Effective Resourcing to Address Climate Change-Experiences from Himalaya

In the recent Regional Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platform ( ) 21-22 October 2010 in Bangkok, a civil society representative from Bangladesh highlighted that, “the NGOs in Bangladesh are flooded with Climate Adaptation Funds”. This statement is an indication that availability and access to adaptation funds is less of an issue for this country and that the more important issue is the careful monitoring of the use of such fund and…


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Ministry misled PMO on deforestation


KATHMANDU, Dec 15: The Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation (MoFSC) is found to have misled the Prime Minister´s Office (PMO) by submitting a false report about deforestation in Tarai districts.

According to a latest report, a copy of which is safe with Republica, 4.39 million cubic feet of timber was…

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International Mountain Day 2010 and Himalaya

Many of us celebrated Mountain Day on 11 December 2010. Our congratulations to all of you on this occasion, with the hope that we all could highlight the vital and omni-connectedness of Mountains around the world. We feel that, mountains and its communities will be recognized important as well as vulnerable on various fronts. We have covered the ongoing events around the world on this occasion at:…


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Women Can, Men Can't?

GenderCC-Women for Climate Justice at the end of COP 16

As COP 16 comes to a close, we go home ignoring Ixchel and all other goddesses of reason and undoing the tapestry that could have protected us from either an extremely hot or cold future. "Let not the perfect be the enemy of the good" has been an oft-repeated statement yet the outcome of COP 16 is not even good enough.

True, that a Green Climate Fund has been established. There was also an agreement on the…


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Forwarded with short comment: Bolivia statement about Cancun

I am still in shock. Have we witnessed the change of UN rules here in Cancun?

How is consensus not unanimity? Imagine the reaction if the US

objected to consensus. It was the developed countries that first introduced the consensus mode because they were concerned that with numbers, developing countries could overrule them in a vote. And now

consensus is re-defined.


Press Release…


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The Nazi threat and climate-change denial

In 1933 Winston Churchill looked over the horizon from England and saw a dreadful future forming. Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party was on the rise and flexing its militaristic muscles. But when Churchill tried to warn his country he was ignored and mocked.

Six long years passed and the threat grew ever larger but still Churchill’s warnings went unheeded, until the reality bit and the world was at war.

The parallels with climate change are curious and chilling...…


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For signatures - Women and organisations' position on women and REDD

The Women's Caucus decided not to come out with a statement on REDD.

Just a background: Early last week, a campaign, Women in REDD was launched by two or three international groups. But as the days went on, there has been a perception that the Women's Caucus is supporting REDD, thus the Caucus decided to come out with a document. The document below went through an exhaustive process. It is also important to note that the 9 am meetings of the Women's Caucus have always been open…


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The ball is in American court


The U.S. President Barrack Obama told Bangladesh's Prime Minister Shiekh Hasina:…


Added by Subodh Gautam on December 9, 2010 at 11:10 — 1 Comment

Heads of State at the Tail-end of COP16: Modest or Just Low Expectations?

Cancun, Mexico (8 December 2010) - The opening high-level plenary was held yesterday afternoon, with United Nations secretary general Ban Ki Moon and a few heads of states in attendance. In many ways, the event set the tone of the likely outcome of the Conference of Parties 16.

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change executive secretary Christina Figueres urged parties to reach agreement on mitigation proposals. “Parties much reach conciliation on the Bali Roadmap, how and where to… Continue

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Gender and the Perilous Pot

The last few days saw the articulation of women and gender among a few delegates, particularly those who have spent a few more hours in CancunMesse. Some delegates are open to the idea of having women on the board of the new Fund. There seems to be consensus that projects must benefit women. Even Global Environment Facility CEO Monique Barbut affirmed that gender must be part of any projects’ safeguard requirements.

However gender remains missing in the negotiating text particularly… Continue

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What is worse for Cancun, no deal or bad deal?

I was interviewed by a Norwegian reporter in the evening of December 7. Her last question, which she asked every interviewee, was "explain to me why do you think that we need a climate deal as soon as possible". The question itself is somewhat problematic because it presumes the position that “we need a climate deal as soon as possible”. What is worse for Cancun, no deal or bad deal?

As someone also working on agriculture, I have witnessed…


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La Via Campesina press conference at 6PM in Moon Palace

La Via Campesina will be giving a press conference at the Moon Palace, Luna Room at 6 PM on the 6th December 2010. LVC brings together peoples movements from all over the world at an alternative camp and Forum for Life, Social and Environmental Justice in Cancun along with trade unions and indigenous peoples movements with the attendance of more than 2000 - 3000 people including about 200 international participants. They have also organized 6 caravans that have toured 17 states of Mexico while… Continue

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Press Advisory - Climate talks put agriculture on the wrong track

Press Advisory

December 6, 2010

Contact: Ben Lilliston, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy,, in Cancun: 9981085510

Agriculture on the wrong track in climate talks…


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Cities must make radical changes to transport ahead of population explosion

In 2040 two billion more people will be living in the world’s cities. Forum for the Future’s new report calls on cities to take action now to radically reengineer their transport infrastructure so that it is fit for the challenges of the future.

Megacities on the move sets out six “solutions for sustainable mobility” – principles which should guide the actions cities take now. It gives examples of where these are already being put into practice,…


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Burundi’s second National Communications on Climate Change: Why is it urgent to address the increasing vulnerability to Climate Change

Yesterday, I attended the launch of Burundi’s second National Communications on Climate Change - a report on the steps a country is taking or envisage undertaking to implement the UNFCCC (Articles 4.1 and 12).

In accordance with the principle of "common but differentiated responsibilities" enshrined in this Convention, the required contents of these national…


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Bamboo the supergrass

How can bamboo reduce vulnerability to climate change, while providing income for local communities?

As negotiators struggle to break the north-south deadlock on climate change action, the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) has pointed to the important role bamboo can play in reducing the vulnerability of developing country communities to the impacts of climate change, while providing a reliable and sustainable…


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Surviving Dreams and Nightmares: Empowering the angry civil society & Understanding domestic violence in Africa

Saleh, I. (2010). Surviving Dreams and Nightmares: Empowering the angry civil society & Understanding domestic violence in Africa. A Project Funded by Carneige Research Development and University of Cape Town, South Africa. Alliance of Civilizations: Media Literacy Clearing House. …


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Opinion: How to build capacity for climate-resilient development

Capacity building is an ongoing process through which individuals, groups, organizations and societies enhance their ability to identify and meet development challenges like climate change.

Climate resilient development is about communities resisting, absorbing and recovering from the effects of hazards in a timely and efficient…


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