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June 2013 Blog Posts (4)

Maria and the Ukok Princess: Climate change and the fate of the Altai

On a warm summer’s day twenty-four centuries ago, a noblewoman of the nomadic Pazyryk tribe was buried in a large ancient burial tomb, or…


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Restoring the Sacred Web of Life in Siberia’s Golden Mountains

Golden Mountains of Altai, Russia–For countless generations, Altai people herded their livestock across what is now known as the Golden Mountains of Altai UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, in Russia’s southern Siberia. They endured many obstacles–from Mongol hordes to Soviet oppression.  Today, they face the new challenge–climate change. Torrential downpours, freezing and thawing splinter the rock and destroy…


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Changing With the Land: The Skolt Sámi’s Path to Climate Change Resilience

This photo essay offers a glimpse of the challenges that climate change presents for indigenous and local communities in northern Europe. An Arctic people of northern Finland whose livelihoods depend largely on their environment, the Skolt Sámi are searching for ways to remain resilient in the face of climate change.



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World Environment Day 2013: The reality of ‘reducing one’s foodprint’ in the Lake Victoria basin

Think. Eat. Save. Reduce your foodprint is the theme of World Environment Day 2013, to be celebrated on the 5th of June, 2013. The food-inspired global campaign focuses on the fact that over one billion tons of food are…


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