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Climate-Denying US Chamber Has A Point When It Comes to Grassroots Resistance to Clean Energy


The US Chamber of Commerce and many of its state-based affiliates, including the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, are nests of ideological movement conservatives devoted to all manner of influential key words that have shaped how states and Washington view their duties to mother nature. The Chamber has promoted such concepts as "free-market environmentalism" -- which means allowing market trends to strip the earth -- and "sound science," which is a euphemism for ignoring… Continue

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Climate Change Media Partnership in the news

The US State Department's e-journal will have a story on the Climate Change Media Partnership this month. You can read a version of it here on the website of the US mission to NATO.

For any journalists out there who are interested in the CCMP, we will soon be announcing our 2010 fellowships to spend two weeks reporting from COP16 in Cancun. Check back here for details of how to apply.

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Earth, Wind, Fire On Day of Onrushing Risks

The accelerating consequences of the warming Earth, the hazards associated with increasing reliance on fossil fuels, the promise of big clean energy projects, and the difficulties in advancing a national climate and energy policy fit for the 21st century came into sharp focus today in Washington and across the nation.…


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When It Comes to Climate and Clean Energy, “Just Say No” Has Become Too Popular


Monday, in the parlance of Washington policy and journalism, was scheduled to be a potential day of breakthrough in the work to achieve action on the warming climate. Senators John Kerry (Mass.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Joe Lieberman (Conn.) had announced that they'd come to consensus on what a bipartisan energy and climate policy fit for the 21st century looked like. The results were to be unveiled at a news briefing that had global import.

Instead nothing… Continue

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Though the Need is Urgent, Earth Day's Best Moments May Lie in Past


This week, just a day before the nation marked the 40th Earth Day, the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform exploded 50 miles from the Louisiana coast, leaving 11 people dead, dozens injured, and a pulse of crude oil that is spreading across the Gulf of Mexico. The blast, which caused the platform to sink on Earth Day itself, came 16 days after 29 men perished in a West Virginia coal mine - the worst American mining disaster in 40 years.

The two… Continue

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Despite Public Nerves, Wood Biomass Gains in U.S.

Just as the Traverse City Record-Eagle aims another editorial broadside to block the local utility's decision to pursue a right-sized, state-of-the-art, clean, renewable 10 mw wood biomass plant, evidence of public support emerges from other states where the technology is being pursued with vigor.

The new wood biomass projects are a clear indication that momentum for the technology and fuel source is pushing ahead despite misplaced public opposition in a number of states,… Continue

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Cape Wind Awaits Federal Approval

As the 40th anniversary of Earth Day draws closer, wind energy developers in Massachusetts are awaiting word from Interior Secretary Ken Salazar about a permit to proceed. Cape Wind, which wants to build the nation's first offshore wind farm near Nantucket, earlier this month reached agreement with Siemens to purchase 130 turbines, a move praised by Massachusetts Democratic Governor Deval Patrick and Ian Bowles,… Continue

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Ministers Responsible For Meteorology in Africa Meet For the First Time To Address the challenges of Climate Change

Ministers Responsible For Meteorology in Africa Meet For the First Time To Address the challenges of Climate Change…


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Bonn climate talks: picking up the pieces after Copenhagen

My colleague Dr Saleemul Huq has written an article for the Guardian newspaper about the UN climate change talks that just ended this

morning in Bonn, Germany.

You can read and comment on the article…


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Across the Pond, Bonn Climate Negotiators Work Toward Agreement

Today diplomats and climate action specialists close a meeting in Bonn, the first international climate gathering since the Copenhagen summit in December. April in fact marks the start of an intensifying schedule of global negotiating sessions on climate action, and on the international economy.

NGO climate leaders from USCAN and our member organizations are in Bonn. Among the… Continue

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Blocking Wood Biomass, Blocking Coal in Michigan -- Does it Make Sense?


Eartha Jane Melzer, one of the reporters in Michigan whose work merits close attention, posted a piece a week ago on Michigan Messenger that described the legal work the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council are doing to block a big new coal-fired power plant in Bay City.

Here is one of the important events… Continue

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"Precedent-Setting Achievement" on Renewable Energy, Says Michigan Energy Chief


The director of the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor, and Economic Growth last week lauded Traverse City Light & Power for pursuing a renewable energy strategy that fits northwest Michigan’s reputation as a green region, and “complements all the assets and progressive trends this region represents". Stanley “Skip” Pruss, who is one of Governor Jennifer Granholm’s closest advisors and a nationally known clean energy leader, also supported the utility’s proposal to… Continue

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Opposition to Biomass Impedes Clean Energy Development


Mode Shift has reported the clean energy transition is being impeded by civic opposition to wind projects, solar projects, new transmission lines, and geothermal projects. This post is the… Continue

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