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Why not take part in one of BTCV's Carbon Army events? On December 1 and 2 our Carbon Army will be undertaking woodland management at Bulcote, Nottinghamshire, England.

It's one of our 3000 days of action during December to tie in with the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen - one action day for every delegate.

Once trees have been planted and established themselves it's important to care for them to ensure they reach their full potential. This includes making sure that they've got plenty of room to grow into the mature trees that take the most carbon out of the atmosphere.

BTCV’s Carbon Army will be thinning an overcrowded plantation that is about 20 years old. As the trees mature, this will also help to improve the structure of the plantation, which will improve its cooling effect on the air that passes through it. The work also improves biodiversity and will lead to more woodland flowers for local people to enjoy in the springtime.

The project day starts at 11AM and finishes at 3PM and the venue is Bulcote Farm, Nottinghamshire

Visit http://www/ for an interactive map pinpointing activity.

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