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Okun-Alfa Community in Eti-osa local government area of Lagos South-West Nigeria which host the popular Alpha-Beach is gradually going out of extinction. the level of shore-line erosion according to the community leader of the area Chief Yusuf Elegushi,is increasing daily and the inhabitants watches helplessly as there life is becoming more of a nightmare. Chief Yusuf said the people have resigned to fate as all the different visits by both the State and Federal Government is yet to proffer a solution. The erosion has watched away the only tarred road in the community that link it with six other neighbouring communities, the only health centre in the area is also under threat as the entrance have been washed away and the health workers are afraid for there lives which has made them dread to come to work. they believe that one day the ocean will meet them inside the health centre. The Councillor representing the community in the Local Government level,Honourable Sherif Elegushi said the underground water have been polluted and the people can not use the water for hosuhold chores such as cooking or even drinking because the water which has changed colour is also smelling. Business owners in the area are not left out,as the beach now lack tourists who rarely visit as those that visit are terrified by the level of erosion in the area. An indigene who has lived in the community for about 70 years, Pa Tunde Daudu,laments that the government is not intrested in doing something about the situation.Pa Tunde said they always pray for pregnant women in the area not to have labour pain at night as there is no health facility nearby that would be available for such an emergency,and even the ones that could be by are private hospitals and are too expensive for poor rural people to afford. The eletcrical poles that used to be along the road are gradually been washed away and the community that have a polpulation of close to 10,000 is now in darkness,unless for those that have generators(i pass my neighbours).

The erosion have been linked to one of the effect of climate change due to sea-level rise and strong currents along the Atlantic Ocean by an environmental advocate,Titi Akosa. She said the hard truth about the situation is that the inhabitants would have to re-locate to somewhere else. But the people said they don't have anywhere to go and the fishermen among them believed that their source of livelihood which is fishing,would be taken from them.





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