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Southern African clean development mechanism

by chali mulenga


Government says it is taking climate change seriously as it recognizes that it is a real threat to sustainable development efforts.

Speaking during the official opening of the Southern African clean development mechanism (CDM) designated national authorities (DNA) training workshop on carbon finance, climate change and preparation for COP17at protea hotel in Livingstone, Southern province minister Elijah Muchima said government has undertaken several measures to address this challenge.

Mr Muchima said in a speech read on his behalf by southern province permanent secretary Gladys Kristafor that Government has ensured that climate change is main streamed into the national development planning process particularly the sixth national development plan (SNDP).

"SNDP will be the country’s development blue print from this year 2011 up to 2015and climate change is adequately addressed in that strategic document," he said.

"The country is also finalising the formulation of a national climate change response strategy (NCCRS), it is expected to enhance the coordination of the means of implementing activities in the country," he said.

Mr Muchima said Government is implementing a number of practical interventions both in terms of adaptation to the impacts of climate change as well as contributing to the global mitigation efforts.

He said Government had put in place interventions that include an adaptation project in the agricultural sector supported by the global environment facility (GEF) pilot programme for climate resilience (PPCR) supported by the World Bank and united nations pilot programme on reducing deforestation.

The minister said in terms of clean development mechanism (CDM) the Zambia is among the countries in the region is struggling to raise the profile of these projects as the country only has one project that is registered with the CDM executive board.

He said the CDM is market based mechanism and the private sector is expected to play a key role in unblocking the flow of investment and technologies from developed to developing countries, which will be beneficial not only to the mitigation climate change but to sustainable development of developing counties.

"Our countries are dire need of capacity building to assist them to make advantage of opportunities and potential that the CDM offers," he said.

"The milestone event we are witnessing today reaffirms my government’ quest for strong public private partnership in all sectors of the economy," he said.

And chairman of the Africa carbon credit exchange professor Lloyd Chingambo said CDM permits countries that have committed to reducing the emissions to meet those targets by investing in projects that generate emissions reductions and offsets in developing countries.

He said the process is structured to generate potentially at least a huge flow of carbon finance into developing countries.

He said most African countries with exception of only a few face fundamental and enduring financial and institutional obstacles which have made it very difficult for the process to work in their favor.

He said in some of the African countries the domestic financial sector is not sufficiently developed to support carbon project implementation activities.

"Many economic actors in most of these countries lack the essential knowledge on how to create carbon assets and indentify where and how to mobilise funds for carbon projects," he said.


Chali mulenga




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