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For me both the current President and PM of Ethiopia are champions of climate change and global environmental justice. Both have been advocating environmentalism for the last two decades and we have seen our PM even representing Africa in negotiations with the West about global environmental justice.

PM Meles Zenawi‎ said in 2009 that "We will not compromise our development for the sake of environment, becouse there is no need to do so. There is no incompatibility between our hopes and dreams for fast economic devlopment and our hopes and dreams for a green part of development and, we can do both at the same time."

On the other hand, our EPA Chief Tewoldebirhan Gebreegziabher says "It is better to die than to live in unending degrading poverty." What he said has a lot of truth in it but as one Ethiopian CSO member said "should we enjoy filling our belly today and die tommorow with hunger?"

For me economic growth should not proceed at the expense of the environment..instead economic growth must remain in harmony with the environment since we can't come out of poverty with small scale agriculture. It has been seen time and again that such a path is a dead end.

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