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Reflections to Reviews: Climate Adaptation in Mountains

A set of quick reflections and reviews in context to socio-economic and environment development in the Himalayan region towards ongoing climate debate, environment issues and development…

Since 2010, with a larger vision to serve as link between practice, science, policy and decision making towards climatic adaptation and sustainable mountain development Climate Himalaya’s actions were focused towards climate consciousness and advocating for appropriate national and regional actions on knowledge sharing, networking and innovations in environment front. Our advocacy actions during major global and national meets reflected upon the need of knowledge sharing and innovations towards adaptation measures, and considering Himalayan Mountains among the areas of importance and special attention. Access to information and important policy actions by agencies and governments, and considerate use of available resources within institutions in the Himalayan region and pooling such resources in community outreach actions were areas of our major focus. Water resources, livelihood options, disaster management and ecosystem functions remained core areas of action. Our understanding is that there is still an urgent need to connect the research and scientific communities with policy makers in Himalayas, while the available knowledge and information should trickle down up to the people.

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