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Dear friends,

We're an international group of environmental journalists who will be covering the UN Climate Change Conference next month. In fact, our project, the Climate News Mosaic, is intended to experiment with a new, collaborative approach to reporting climate change.

In short, our live blog during the climate summit, where team members will share snippets from reporting on the conference from their home countries, is intended to connect and exchange local perspective on the global talks. Any media outlet around the world is more than welcome to embed it on its site as well, free of charge. And, in fact, we have already partnered with a number of media around the world including RTCC, The Star in Kenya, IPS news, and the Earth Journalism Network, who will have our live blog on their sites, complementing their own reporting on the conference.

Editors are also welcome to commission full stories from our contributors around the world. Any media outlets out there who would like to use our live blog on their sites can contact us at climatemosaic/at/zoho/dot/com.

To read more about the rationale behind the project and how it will work, see our latest blog post.

But to make it all happen, we need some help. Please consider supporting our crowdfunding campaign. We would also be thankful if you could help spread the word about it:


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