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New CDKN and EEMP film released at COP17 – Rwanda: Emerging in a Changing Climate


Dear colleagues,


I would like to introduce you to our new short film: Rwanda: emerging in a changing climate.


You can access the video by clicking here.


The film was co-produced by the the Environmental Education Media Project (EEMP) and featured at the government of Rwanda’s UNFCCC side event, supported by CDKN, which launched the country’s Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy.


The film document the steps Rwanda has taken to simultaneously develop its economy and address the challenges of climate change over the last 5 years. Some of these steps include:


  • Bringing together development, mitigation and adaptation into one coherent, low-carbon, climate resilient growth path;
  • Coordinating its response to climate change, through collaboration between a range of Rwandan ministries, industry sectors and civil society;
  • Seeing low-carbon development opportunities as providing competitive advantage;
  • Focussing on attracting investment in geothermal power, to decrease reliance on foreign oil;
  • Creating a national climate change and environment fund that will provide a national financial mechanism to access global financial resources.


This film provides a great example of a country putting ‘climate compatible development’ into practice without a global deal, and one that can inspire and inform others, internationally.


We hope you enjoy it, and please share this with your team and networks at your convenience.

Best wishes


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