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Cat, from our youth delegation, had the chance to meet UK Energy and CLimate Change Secretary, Chris Huhne. Here, she describes her experience.


Not many people can say they have had the privilege of breathing the same air as a political leader and a politician who seems to be a bit of a flavour of the month. But in just a couple of weeks’ time (if we had a confirmed date, we would most definitely be counting down the hours) the UK Youth Climate Coalition delegation will be able to tick this box.

The ‘Young person’s climate question time’ in early November, held at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, was definitely as exciting as the title suggests. The Government’s idea of getting young people involved in politics was very well appreciated by the majority of the young people there. What’s more, most questions were pre-approved and drafted for in a very controlled way. But this was definitely a good first date with my new BFFL (best friend for life) – Chris Huhne.

After the exciting debate with his buddy William Hague, Plan International’s Youth Network was fortunate to be invited to meet him. As a sceptical girl with doubts about the current Coalition Government, I was more nervous than my first day at school when meeting a possible best friend. As the drinks were flowing (teas and coffees) these butterflies went away and I started dreaming of the possibilities of a clean future, of a second commitment period…. of a future meeting with this once distant stranger.

As I hoped, my courage picked up and in five minutes I was asking him about the a possible second meeting at the UN climate negotiations. I couldn’t help but mention UKYCC’s brilliant relationship with our previous BFFL – Ed Milliband. Luckily the hints were picked up and our charming Chris rose to the challenge, reassuring me that “even though you may be crossed off the agenda – keep trying to get through to my personal secretary and I will see you for ten minutes at COP17 [the UN climate talks]”.

We’re now out here in Durban, South Africa, and the UKYCC delegation is on top form for this meeting. With an exchange in emails between his people and my people – a meeting is on the way! Next step… KP2 or possibly a 100% Carbon Neutral UK?! At this rate – anything could happen!


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