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Roster of experts available for interviews with journalists

Reporters and editors, if you're covering the UN climate summit – from Doha or from anywhere in the world – we would like to hear from you.

The Climate News Mosaic (CNM) is a unique project that seeks to bring a new kind of global perspective to climate journalism. As ambitious as this might sound, the idea is in fact quite simple: much like live blogging, only here the aim is, not only to bring on-the-ground reporting from Doha, but also to pool together contributions from around the globe to give a variety of local views on the talks as they progress.

These are not necessarily feature stories but actually more of snippets – quotes, photos, audio/video sound bites – which when pieced together would bring a broader, more elaborate story of the climate negotiations.

As it seems now, despite the far reaching implications of the talks for the entire world community, the COP-18 is expected to receive very limited media attention. And, starting Monday (December 3rd), this is where the Climate News Mosaic comes in.

Having the world in mind, this rather experimental global collaborative project intends to become a news source for journalists and the public at large. News media are more than welcome to use the CNM news feed in full or in part, and are particularly encouraged to commission stories from our contributors the globe over.

This is then a call for contributors to join the CNM global network. We are also seeking journalists to join the editorial team that coordinates this project. It should be stressed, however, that this is a completely voluntary not-for-profit project, but it would surely benefit everyone involved.

If you wish to join, please contact me at ido[at] and mention where you're based and which media outlet you're covering the COP-18 for.


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