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Japanese nuclear plants shake confidence in nuclear safety


Suspension of nuclear projects in Japan and Germany and many European Union countries" .. This was the first statement of the international officials following the impact of four nuclear reactors in Japan by natural disasters, represented in the earthquake measuring 8.8 Richter and (tsunami) ,is the worst in Japan since World War II ,and was exposed as well as the concepts of nuclear safety in an earthquake confidence published by the information, will that be another Chernobyl nuclear programs disrupt him?  


"No", Dr. Magdy Rahia president of atomic energy club, saying "what happened in Japan is not another tsunami, but you should keep sight of the harbor," pointing to the need to reconsider the limits of nuclear safety to accommodate the seismic capacity of 10 chosen, even if the project's not within the earthquake belt. "


As for the security levels agreed for the establishment of nuclear plants Egyptian confirms professor  Ramses Khalil from "Worley Parsons" Consultant of nuclear plants in Egypt , that he has agreed to design nuclear plants Egyptian to withstand earthquakes of up to 9 Richter at the time reached the level of carrying nuclear plants Japanese earthquakes 6 Richter.

And warned of Ramses that studies  of "Dabaa" site proved far from the belt seismic, which makes the potential exposure of the nuclear plant in Egypt by an earthquake more than border security absorptive him weak.

while confirming that Dr. Mohamed Salem seismologist in Authority Mineral Resources that may be affected by the project's an earthquake larger than 8 Richter weak, admittedly of the seismic history of the Egyptian did not reach the rate of earthquakes coming from the Mediterranean and which may affect the project's more than 8 Richter.

" the presence of nuclear plants in the Sinai, for example, makes vulnerability to earthquakes, the largest of its existence in Dabaa for approaching this area from the Gulf of Aqaba and Suez " Salem add, and the weakness of the possibility of a tsunami also affect the nuclear plants in the area of "​​Dabaa".


At another level were not nuclear safety is a shared concerns with what happened in Japan natural disaster but in the light of the increasing international concerns emissions of nuclear reactors, the Japanese, which led to measure levels of radiation coming from Japan in some countries such as China, have made several appeals went to the need to tighten control of radioactive in the coming days on any products coming from this region.


This is confirmed by a center experts Nuclear Safety - who requested anonymity - said, "we may find business ruthlessly trying to smuggle large quantities of food, which executes in Japan to be affected by nuclear radiation, which repeat the tragedy of Chernobyl, and what resulted in the leakage of food Radioactive as milk ".


And  he demands that the source need to deal with these products according to the limits allowed by the least so make sure these products are free from any ionizing radiation, which cause in the case dealt with the human disease begins Canser and become mixed with an endemic disease genes.

And cautions as well as Dr. Mohammed Abdul Rahim expert in Under Division manufacturing nuclear ex-arrival of any food loaded with radiation during the coming days, demanding the need for emphasis on the control of radiological and advertising materials were discovered high levels of radiation by up to reassure public opinion, and don't repeat what happened in Chernobyl.



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