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Information Broker: Communicating and Monitoring Climate Change

Information broker is a citizen been trained on basic journalism knowledge and skills. Information broker has knowledge and skills as citizen journalists. She/he has capability how to distinct facts from opinion or analysis, as a professional journalist has. She/he also has developed skill to write information (or news).

The information broker has high awareness of what happen in his/her community. She/he will send information or news (as citizen journalism) to the public or media partners. She/he has a role to raise awareness of community members on certain issues (or any issues). She/he can access information needed by her/his community. The information broker becomes the eyes, ears, and voice of the community.  And in the other way around, the information broker is source of information for the community members.

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Comment by Sanjoy chaki on November 14, 2012 at 15:20

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