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By Hamza Kyeyune

As the campaign to mitigate climate change gathers pace, Makerere University Business School (MUBS) through the office of the University Mullah in conjunction with International Climate Champions has joined the struggle through launching the GREENING MUBS DAY. Addressing the congregation during JUMA Prayers at MUBS during Juma prayers, the University Mullah Sheikh Muhammad Waiswa said that excessive cutting of trees without replacing them has caused imbalance in gaseous exchange resulting into Climate change. He thus called upon other religious leaders to take the responsibility of reminding their followers to mitigate climate change.

The occasion was officially launched the 3rd Deputy Premier Gen. Moses Ali who planted the first tree at MUBS mosque. Moses Ali said the NRM gvt is committed to protecting the environment and urged Muslims to support this noble cause.

The event was very well attended by several climate change ambassadors and activists. The Managing Director  Humanitarian Efforts And Relief Uganda (HEAR- Uganda),a local Non Governmental Organisation involved in mitigating Climate Change Mr.Muguluma Hamid said that the concept of GREENING FRIDAYS ought to be integrated into the lifestyle of students at all levels to fight climate change from the grass root. HEAR-Uganda has a nursery of seedlings at Kakiri.

In recent days, we have seen several of our children being killed by lightening especially pupils. Trees act as lightening arresters, we are therefore emphasizing tree planting to prevent such catastrophes here in MUBS, said Mr.Ssemukono Fred, the acting Principal MUBS. The major activities of Greening MUBS will include staff planting indigenous trees and trees that are appropriate to the local environment as an environmental concern.  

 Mr. Ssemukono thanked the International Climate Champions for donating more than 2000 seedlings of different species to be planted at MUBS. He added that GREENING MUBS DAY will supplement the existing environment projects including research by staff and students.

Imam Idi Kasozi an International Climate Champion said that trees are the largest and longest living organisms on earth, they are both supportive to human beings and the environment. Trees act as carbon sinks and alleviate the greenhouse effect. These are some of the concepts that everybody should theorize and start from where they are to contribute towards Climate Change mitigation. Imam Kasozi is a 2010 British Council Climate Change Icon who has planted more than 42000trees across the country.

About 2’150 seedlings were given out at MUBS while 2’602 seedlings were given out at Gadaffi National Mosque, sheikh Kakooza led the hutba and gave out trees, he planted a mango. 2500 trees given out, 

GREENING MUBS stems from GREENING FRIDAYS campaign which was coordinated by Hajat Afuwa Sebyala and launched Friday, Aug.20, 2010 by H.E. Mufti of Uganda Shaban Mubaje at the National mosque giving out 10’000seedlings. As MUBS was launching its pioneer campaign, the director of Sharia at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Sheikh Hussein Rajab Kakooza delivered a sermon encouraging faithful to plant more trees. He planted a tree at UMSC headquarters and gave out more than 2’500seedlings to faithful. Hajjat Ssebyala asserts that she aims at engaging the religious leaders because they have solid following based on Holy Scriptures, as opposed to political leaders whose following changes from time to time depending on the will of the ruling regime.

The concept of GREENING FRIDAYS that started in Uganda is gathering pace, this year, countries Ghana, Ethiopia have embraced the concept and are launching the campaign this year. 

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