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Their Mud-made homes are situated some half kilometer away from sea. They have no way to understand their life, they only knows that “their life is like waves, sometime up and sometime down”. From Badin city, a link road goes to Sirani, a small village like town. This road turns into Kacha Rasta, which goes along with mirwah canal. This kacha Rasta ends at this village Sheikh Qurhio. Natives of this village remains deprived all of human facilities and unable to achieve their livelihood. Happiness remains very far from them. There is no way to bring smiles on their faces. The women of this area are also deprived all happies,they have only one source to smile which called SAHRA(songs which being singing at the wedding).The history of these SAHRA is coming from a woman MIRKHAN SHAIKHEN which was a unique role of this coastal belt. MIRKHAN SHAIKHEN is praised by Shah Abdul Lateef Bhittai in his poetry.

Some ten to twenty villages are situated on this coastal side. There is no drinking water, women of this coastal belt goes everyday ten kilometer away to fetch drinking water. Some villagers are using saltish water hence they face gastro-intestinal diseases.
“We don’t mix salt with floor because the water is already saltish”,a woman tells this interestingly. It is fact that they are appreciable for their living lives. There is no school for their children. there is no medicine for them ,They leaves their lives on QISMAT.
“Where we go? if any child having fever, there is no antipyretic medicine is available here, city is too much far from here, therefore we wait for fever to gone itself” forty years old LATEEFAN says. She told that many pregnant women had died due to the non-availability of lady doctor. “What do you want??” when I asked her she replies without taking any breath “We want school, hospital, road, lady doctor and teachers”.

All the males and females are relating with fishing from the near sea and than thy sale it to THEKEDARS. They works regularly ,they goes in the deep sea daily without carrying hot or cold but their lives are full of blanks, which blanks they believe that no one is to fulfill it. Passing every moment and circumentances change the young faces into old. Every face explains itself the story of its sarrows,which have no fullstop.From dawn to dust so many wishes appears and disappears into the deep sea, they searches their wishes and dreams but their hands and eyes tired to search because all wishes and dreams going away from their approach. “I wanted to go to school but after the death of my mother I couldn’t do so and now I remains in circle of home” twenty years old marwan said. Life of Zebu is too much different from others. She have 9 daughters, a feeling of having no male baby in her cradle is dwells in her mind every moment. Zebu having a sewing machine and she earns some money from this source. “My husband goes to fishing daily but he earns not more than fifty rupees, from these fifty rupees how can we survive?? How we avail clothes for our children” she told.

Khan Mohammad, 35, having eight children but he have one source of income which he describes as “not enough”.
All residents of this coastal belt are deprived of every basic facility of life, but they love “sea” and that’s why they saying that sea is our life, all of wishes and all of dreams dwells in this sea, how can we go far from it” Khan Mohammad was saying and looking endless look towards sea, meantime a sweet sound rising from the waves of sea, these waves collides with the fences of fishermen’s homes.
Women of this coastal belt are full colored with folkism.Their lives reflects this folk color from their routine life’s activities.
Poverty is main hurdle between their lives and happiness. All the guys and galls are wed-locked in their early ages. Fishermen say that there is no money to arrange wedding ceremonies. Residents of villages Sheikh Qurhio, Ahmed Rajo, Bolo Malah, Shaikhani Ghadri and others have dedicated their lives to sea.Theyno complaints about the sea. They lives where there is no happy, no smile but they are too much happy, they forgets every deprive ness because they knows better that “Living is an art”

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