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Climate Communications Day -- (Doha, Qatar) 4 December at COP18

Here is the full programme for this year’s Climate Communications Day at COP18 in Doha.


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Climate Communications Day

New Approaches, New Audiences

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Doha – at Northwestern University in Qatar


Twitter Hashtag #CCommsDay


8:30     Registration

9:00     Welcome Addresses

James Fahn, Executive Director, Internews’ Earth Journalism Network

Jamal Dajani, Internews’ Vice President for Middle East and North Africa


9:15     Opening Plenary Session: Reaching New Audiences

Complex science and uncertain outcomes make climate change a difficult topic to communicate. In addition, communication regarding climate change can be negative - evoking doom and gloom scenarios – or too technical to be considered interesting by broader audiences. But climate change is likely to be the most important story of the century. So how do we reach these audiences? What are other ways we can communicate our messages so that they will be received by other people?

In this session BBC Media Action will present for the first time preliminary findings from Climate Asia – Asia’s largest ever public survey on public understandings of climate change. BBC Media Action interviewed 33,000 members of the public alongside interviews with key experts and opinion-formers and participatory assessments with some of the region’s most vulnerable people. Here they will present an early assessment of what they are finding out. A panel of expert climate change journalists and communicators from around the world will also assess the results as we all try to answer the question of how do we put audiences information needs at the heart of climate change communication.

Moderator: Mike Shanahan, IIED (UK)

Keynote Speaker: Tan Copsey, BBC Media Action (UK)

Panelists: Lisa Friedman, ClimateWire (USA); Daniela Chiaretti, Valor Economico (Brazil); Amanda Katili Niode, National Council on Climate Change (Indonesia); Dalia Abdel Salam El Dessouky, Al Ahram Hebdo (Egypt)


11:00   Coffee Break


11:20   Plenary Session 2: Making Maps (and Sense) of Data:

New mapping and visualization tools being developed by Google Earth, Ushahidi and other developers are making it easier than ever for journalists and communicators to display scientific data in an appealing and meaningful way.


Moderator: Joydeep Gupta, The Third Pole (India)

Panelists: William Shubert, Internews’ Earth Journalism Network (USA); Arend Kuster, QScience (Qatar); Stuart Neil, World Energy Council (UK)


13:00   Lunch


14:00   Plenary Session 3: Communicating Climate Change with Games:

Pablo Suarez and Carina Bachofen of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre demonstrate how and why participatory games can be useful in communicating climate change.


Moderator – Jeff Rutherford, Internews’ Earth Journalism Network


15:30   Coffee Break


15:45   Plenary Session 4: Climate Comedy:

Climate change is certainly a serious topic. But perhaps the way to get people to really think about it is to make them laugh, to talk about “doom and gloom with a sense of humor”, as the magazine Grist put it. What are some good examples of attempts to use humor to explain the intricacies of climate change? We will view, laugh at and discuss climate comedy in a range of media.


            Moderator --    James Fahn, Internews’ Earth Journalism Network (USA)

            Panelist --        Heather Libby, GCCA (Canada)


16:15   Voices4Climate Award Presentation – Sponsored by Voices4Climate and TerrAfrica


16:30   Networking Reception – Sponsored by Internews MENA



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