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Internews Earth Journalism Network (EJN) and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), in partnership with other organizations, will host the 1st annual Climate Communications Day as an official parallel event at the Climate Summit to be held in Durban, South Africa.


The day-long forum on December 1, 2011 that will bring together journalists, bloggers, press officers, academics and scientists, IT firms and other communications experts, this event is aimed at exchanging insights, lessons learned and innovative new approaches on how to spread news and information about climate change accurately and effectively.


Spaces are limited, so to register, click here.


OUTLINE OF PROGRAMME (more details here)


Opening Plenary Panel: A focus on the message.

Are traditional attempts at climate communications useless? Where have mistakes been made and successes been achieved? What is being proposed (including controversial solutions)? Should scientists communicate about climate change with the public or leave that job to communicators? Have environmental organisations failed in their communications? We are increasingly told that the advancing climate communication is not a matter of more information, but of changing values and understanding the psychology of consumers, voters and politicians. Is this true, and if so what then are the expected roles for journalists, scientists and communicators in this effort?


Second Plenary Panel: A focus on the medium.

Has the mainstream media dropped the ball on climate change and do we need it anyway, given the explosion of social media and social movements? How do you communicate climate change to nonliterate audiences in languages that have no words to match the scientific jargon? Are art, drama or literature better ways to communicate climate change? How do new technologies enable more effective communications and how businesses communicate in ways the rest of us don’t?


Breakout sessions

  • Dragon’s Den: Getting climate change into the media
  • Communicating climate change with games
  • Climate Movies:
  • What’s God Got To Do With It?
  • Climate Change Skeptics in the Global South?



What Are, and What Aren’t, Governments Doing to Communicate on Climate Change?

Article VI of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change enjoins member states to “Promote and Facilitate… public awareness programmes on climate change and its effects”. A plenary panel made up of government representatives, a UN or intergovernmental official and at least one journalist will address the following questions: Are countries living up to these commitments? If not, why? If so, how could they be doing it better? What emerging technological developments could dramatically impact communications? Are there other landmark events – such as Rio+20, or perhaps some unexpected or even predictable crisis -- that may present “teachable moments”?

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