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In India , climate change has to start at grassroot level.Common people hardly follow the normal hygienicity in day to day life. They litter out snacks packets here and there which are devoured by cattle and lead to their death.Garbage disposal is a question mark,still Indians have represented Lima--- for what? If COP  is just meant to be restricted to discussions and green funds, I guess people representing our country are not doing justice. Municipal corporations are there but, we find heaped garbages, non segregated that are not only detrimental to health but also the soil texture and quality.They are hampering food chain in the local habitats in slums which are still hub of typhoid, malaria, hepatitis B etc. Advised to question the Govt. of India to put pressure on the Municipal corporations and NGO's to adopt slums and help in segregation of waste. Climate change negotiators must also be climate savers.Green fund is meant for keeping the earth green and clean.

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