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The increasing variation in weather pattern across the world is increasing the threat that different groups of people in the society are exposed to. The year started with an earth quake in Argentina and China followed by other devastation in other parts of the world. Presently in Durban South Africa there is an on-going negotiation among member countries of the United Nation to reduce global greenhouse gases that is associated with the effect of global warming and climate change. The negotiation has been occurring annually for seventeen years, without a legal binding agreement to reduce emission in the world. In the course of the two weeks International Conference on Climate Change there is usually a day set aside for global action when different groups use the opportunity to champion there cause and ensure their needs and demand are considered in the negotiations.

I was touched at this year’s Global Action Day, by the pathetic story of sixteen years old, Israel Ulama a street kid in the city of Durban. Israel an orphan who lost his parents has resorted in making the street his home, since the demise of his parent who died as a result of poverty and alcoholism. The noise of the people, who were chanting different demands that they want world leaders to consider in this year's negotiation, woke Israel up from his sleep as he staggered out of his unsafe but restful place of abode. The strange look on his face caught my attention as he tried to understand, what the different people from different tribes and race around the world were saying, that they had to disturb his sleep. I decided to engage Israel in a discussion and realize that he could speak English. This made it easy for us to communicate without an interpreter from the South African's around; otherwise he would have been speaking ZULU to me since i was in the land of the ZULU'S:KWAZULU-NATAL PROVINCE. He told me he lost his parents some years ago and had to sleep on the streets because no relative was ready to care for him.

“The life on the street is hard but i don't want to end up in this place because i have seen kids who i play with die on this street as the weather condition keep getting worse”. Aunty, last week about ten people died in Durban City after the rain that came with cold and strong wind he told me.Atimes the Government sends the Police to raid the streets of Kids like me who have nowhere to place to go, if i have a home or parent i would not be here”. He could not continue talking as he went uncontrollably. After a while he asked, Aunty what are all these people doing here and why are they all shouting and carrying placards? Do you know i thought something was happening?" Then i asked him if he aware that his country was hosting the International Conference on Climate Change and he answered, i noticed there have been a lot of people around and what is climate change? Then i asked him to tell me about the different weather change, he has been noticing as he was growing up. I only know that the weather is not good for us that sleep on the street because it’s get so cold and windy these days and we can't afford to pay twenty rand for a place to sleep. Most of the street kids are suffering from cold and Pneumonia, and nobody cares. Is that what all these people are talking about? He asked. I wish to be somebody in life but how can i be, when i am on the street exposed to all these weather changes and the cruel life on the street. A time some people would want to use the street kids to commit evil against their wish but when you don’t have where to sleep or what to eat, what do you do? Then i asked him if he is given the opportunity what would he loved to do and he answered i would love to be a social worker to help people, most especially the street kids. They wish to be here but who care about them, nobody he said with an emotion laden voice. I decided to introduce him to some South African’s, who i knew among the protesters. Lindo is a Youth worker with the Young Men Christian Association in Durban City and he decided to meet with Israel but Skumbuzu Thampola was skeptical. He said I have heard lots of such pathetic stories from some of these street kids but they are not willing to change, he said .They are so used to living without rules and order, how do you incorporate them into a home or family? You can’t just buy these stories, the street life is too hard to erase because they feel, is a way of been independent without been questioned how they live their life’s. For Rufus laverott, it is not easy; you have to have money and plans for these kids you can’t just bring them in.Also are they willing to leave the street and do something meaningful with it? But Lindo Mbakfa said he would be glad to work with Israel and see him change and grow into a decent and responsible man in the future. Israel was so happy that he met me and promise to meet with Lindo on Monday for a plan on how to take him off the street.

I look forward to hearing good news about, Israel transformation journey into a different person. There is lots of Israel across major cities and town around the world, what can you do? And what will this year’s, United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) do, which would help to reduce the level of greenhouse gases that is causing Climate Change which affect ISRAEL’S ACROSS THE WORLD?

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