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Roster of experts available for interviews with journalists

The Climate Himalaya Initiative team will be regularly updating the NEWS from Cancún, at its page "Cancún-Mountain Trails", to let mountain community know
that how important they are in terms of climatic changes, and how seriously
they are taken at this global summit.

Till now, we could get only one organization that has planned an event at COP16, and we are also looking forward from organizations and people to let us know about such an event, that considers mountain as
important entity during Cancun discussions.

The Climate Himalaya Initiative is a collaborative initiative, which considers various ongoing climatic changes and their impacts in Himalayan Mountains. The initiative focuses on four core issues of climatic
adaptation: Awareness Generation, Knowledge Networking, Capacity Building and
Environmental Governance. The areas of initiative's functions are: Ecosystems, Water,
Forest and Livelihood.

We feel that, it is important that people in the region understand various factors leading to climatic variabilities in the region, and are adaptive to any such situation in near future.

At present we are using various electronic media to generate awareness among various people and organizations in the region through various web channels -Facebook- , eNews bulletin , various discussion forums developed by regional,
national and international agencies, and with the help of various partners and
membership websites.

The present target group includes media, policy makers, local civil society organizations, public sector, corporations, private business houses, think tanks, research institutions, regional and national
government and volunteers. In next phase [2011] of the initiative, we plan to
go among the communities in Himalayan region to take it at second level in
terms of practical actions in adaptation.

The initiative is getting very encouraging response from all around the world, including our regular reader at , of which major from developed countries like USA and UK among others.

We have been working through the core fund of Prakriti group , and now seek support from organizations and people to sustain our efforts in long run. Therefore, we encourage people to lend their
support in all possible ways to make the difference in the lives of mountain
communities in Himalayas.

CHI Team

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