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Are the recent extreme weather events linked to climate change?

From: Nick Berning, Friends of the Earth,

To: Journalists covering extreme and unusual weather events

Date: August 13, 2010

RE: Extreme weather in summer 2010 and links to climate change

This summer has seen extreme weather and climate events with devastating
impacts across the globe. Prolonged heat in Russia and flooding in
Pakistan have harmed millions of people. A chunk of ice four times the
size of Manhattan has broken off from Greenland and is now adrift in the
North Atlantic. In the United States, we have endured a spring of record
temperatures, flooding in Tennessee and Iowa, and a drought in the West
that has caused water levels at Lake Mead in Nevada to be at their
lowest levels since 1956.

Some media outlets have now begun to examine the connections between the
extreme weather and climate change, but this story merits more coverage
and in-depth reporting. The connections between a warming climate and
extreme weather are unambiguous, and the media has a duty to connect the

In addition to an overall warming trend around the globe, climate change
will exacerbate poor air quality, significantly decrease crop yields and
the food supply, and increase instances of severe and unpredictable
weather, from hurricanes, wildfires, and droughts to flashfloods and

The following resources can aid in your coverage of this story:

Scientific studies, reports, and information:

National Wildlife Federation, "Extreme Heat in Summer 2010: a Window On
the Future":
a href="" target="_blank">

Trapp, Robert, et al. "Changes in severe thunderstorm environment
frequency during the 21st century caused by anthropogenically enhanced
global radiative forcing":
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Environmental Defense Fund, "Global Warming and Extreme Weather":
a href="" target="_blank">>

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Summary for Policy Makers of
the report made by Working Group 1 (see pages 5-9):
a href="" target="_blank">>

Stories that address the climate-weather connection:

Charles Hanley, Associated Press, "Climate Change Predictions Supported
By Summer of Fires, Floods and Heatwaves: IPCC":
a href="" target="_blank">

Climate Progress, "Media Wakes Up to Hell and High Water":
a href="" target="_blank">

Christine Dell'Amore, National Geographic News, "Russia Fires, Pakistan
Floods Linked?":
a href="" target="_blank">

Blog coverage:

Brad Johnson, Grist, "Climate Experts Agree: Global Warming Caused Heat
a href="" target="_blank">

It's Getting Hot in Here, "2010: The Year Nature Struck Back?":
a href="" target="_blank">

Opinion and editorial:

Michael Hanlon, Daily Mail Online, "The Crack in the Roof of the World:
'Yes, Global Warming is Real, and Deeply Troubling'":
a href="" target="_blank">


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