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        The African Adaptation Programme(AAP) which is based in Kenya,under the UN,is training five young african journalist that will be following a caravan that will be traveling from KENYA through TANZANIA,MALAWI,ZAMBIA,BOTSWANA and SOUTH AFRICA to attend the CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE IN DURBAN SOUTH AFRICA. The caravan would be organising concerts and creating awareness on climate change and Africa been this year's host of Conference of Parties 17,is a good opportunity for Africa to make alots of impact and have a formidable voice to speak on CLIMATE CHANGE.

      The Journalists are drawn from NIGERIA,CAMEROUN,SENEGAL,ETHIOPIA and KENYA. The training programme which took place at the UNITED NATION OFFICE in NAIROBI was used to prepare the journalist on how to look out for news from the AFRICAN angle and its relevance to the common man on the street.The training co-ordinator Mr Wycliffe Muga,a seasoned science journalist from Kenya,charged the journalists to produce content that would enable Africans understand the climate change stories more easily.The Caravan would be departing Kenya on the 7th of November for onward movement to the other countries.

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