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A Planet of Men? Since When? UN forms a (nearly) all boys club for climate change financing

Two months after the failure of COP 15 in Copenhagen, Denmark, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon announced the creation of an all-men advisory body for climate change financing*. With an ambitious task of “build[ing] momentum towards a successful negotiation of a comprehensive climate change agreement," the body is expected to mobilise funds amounting to US$100 billion annually until 2020 to support the poorest nations affected by climate change.
While the formation of an advisory body is an expected measure out of the weak Copenhagen Accord, its all-men membership came as a surprise, especially as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change has increasingly recognised the dire impacts of climate change on women and the latter's contribution to rehabilitating and keeping the earth's resources.
“If we want to overcome gender inequalities, we need to have women in climate change decision-making process”, remarked Ulrike Roehr, GenderCC – Women for Climate Justice board member. “Women like Joke Waller-Hunter [predecessor of Yvo de Boer, UNFCCC-Executive Secretary] have guided the process in many positive ways,” she added. “The nomination of the next UNFCCC-Executive Secretary is another chance to implement gender equity: let her be female!”
While we are aware that the appointment of women does neither necessarily translate into women's empowerment nor gender equality, we need to ask: Has the world run out of women experts? Is the planet consisting of men alone? Is it not for such imbalances that this climate crisis exists?
GenderCC, alongside with women and gender experts from all over the world, therefore asks UN-Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to make sure that the climate change financing group as well as the whole process respects gender parities and gendered perspectives.
There’s no climate justice without gender justice!

* Update: French Economy Minister Christine Lagarde has been added to the list, so it's 19:1 now...

Marion Rolle
GenderCC - Women for Climate Justice (

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