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Coastal Life: Saltish like sea water

Their Mud-made homes are situated some half kilometer away from sea. They have no way to understand their life, they only knows that “their life is like waves, sometime up and sometime down”. From Badin city, a link road goes to Sirani, a small village like town. This road turns into Kacha Rasta, which goes along with mirwah canal. This kacha Rasta ends at this village Sheikh Qurhio. Natives of this village remains deprived all of human facilities and unable to achieve their livelihood.…


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Variation in Rain Pattern and Change in Climate of South Asia

Climate Change is alarming global issue but same time South Asia region is witnessing its worst impacts in from one decade. Tsunamis in Srilanka, Floods in Pakistan and Bangladesh and drought in some parts of India are the facts of this climate crisis. Whole South Asia region in tropical atmosphere so Pakistan, India and other countries are witnessing the late monsoon rains these days. Due to impacts of extreme weather, the rain pattern changed in this region.

 It was a time when…


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Global City Karachi having Threat of Contamination of Drinking Water by Climate Change

Keenjhar Lake, which is the only source of drinking water for Pakistan’s largest populated city Karachi, is missing its marvelous paste due to the environmental and climate changes in the region. Karachi city is located at the coast of Arabian Sea in the south-east end of country. It is the main sea port and financial hub of Pakistan also. Karachi is the most populous city in the country, one of the world's largest cities in terms of population and also the 10th largest urban agglomeration…


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