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Desalination by solar power

Desalination by solar power from Sanjoy Chaki on Vimeo.

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Will governments consider the latest climate research?

It can't be said more clearly. The effects of climate change are profound and global.  They will affect us all, and there is an urgent need to focus on adaptation. This is the solid message from the Intergovernmental panel on climate change, IPCC. But will this message be brought forward to the UN climate talks?


The recent IPCC report on impacts of…


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Water and Energy

In recent times power supply has been epileptic in my area and this has directly affected the flow of water into my apartment. This is because if we don't have light for 6hours,the pressure to pump water into my apartment drops and after 48hours,we either connect the pumping machine to a power generating set or resort to buying or fetching water from other compounds.

This sudden short in water supply makes me go outside my flat to fetch water which for me is like punishment because I… Continue

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EU puts the climate on hold

Today the European Council met to discuss a new mitigation target for 2030. This target should have been an important input to the current debate about new and increased climate ambition. In September the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon, invites all heads of states to a meeting in New York, to discuss increased ambition. However, with the decision from today, EU won’t have a new mitigation target to present until October, the earliest.…


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Media and the Ecological Crisis

Media and the Ecological Crisis is a collaborative work of interdisciplinary writers engaged in mapping, understanding and addressing the complex contribution of media to the current ecological crisis. The book is informed by a fusion of scholarly, practitioner, and activist interests to inform, educate, and advocate for real, environmentally sound changes in design, policy, industrial, and consumer practices. Aligned with an emerging area of scholarship devoted to identifying and…


Added by Dr. Ibrahim Mostafa Saleh on February 11, 2014 at 15:01 — No Comments

Last day, and last possibillity to make Warsaw worth to remember

Two weeks of negotiations are about to end, and today we will see if they will deliver a result. Someone said that COP19 already is an historic COP. It is the first COP ever where the ambitions are lower when the meeting ends, than when the meeting began. The statement refered to the fact that Japan and Australia announced dereased ambitions. However, if miracles aren't happening today, we may end up with reduced emissions also in other areas. 

There are three themes which need to be…


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Pushing the boundaries of climate journalism

Dear friends,

We're an international group of environmental journalists who will be covering the UN Climate Change Conference next month. In fact, our project, the Climate News Mosaic, is intended to experiment with a new, collaborative approach to reporting climate change.

In short, our live blog during the climate summit, where team members will share snippets from reporting on the conference from their home…


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Call for partners

...Unfortunately, Republic of Moldova has the lowest percentage of forest area in Europe- 14 % ...

Goal - The forestation of the 2.65 ha area is to begin in  2013-2014.

Objectives: 1. Preparation of the Vorniceni village citizenry, over 5,000 people, to make decisions related to environmental problems by involving them in volunteer activities such as the installation of a metallic fence surrounding the square as well…


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“Have radio talk shows that link religion to environmental protection”, religious leaders urged.

By Hamza Kyeyune



Religious leaders from twelve districts from across Uganda have joined the “Greening Friday” campaign to fight climate change in the country. Greening Friday is a concept developed by hajjat Aphwa Ssebyala in 2010 aimed at re-greening the environment through religion. It is held every year on the second Friday of the holy month of…


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Big cleantech investors for clean tech projects in Africa presented at Viridis Africa

On the 15th and 16th of October 2013, Viridis Africa hosts their third Clean Technology conference at Killarney Country Club, Johannesburg, South Africa.  The event is dedicated to the introduction of clean technologies as well as associated business/investment opportunities.

The intention of Viridis Africa is to bring together investors such as Inspired Evolution, Sterling Waterford Securities, Lerako Metier, the IDC, Curatio Capital, Vantage Capital and the…


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Maria and the Ukok Princess: Climate change and the fate of the Altai

On a warm summer’s day twenty-four centuries ago, a noblewoman of the nomadic Pazyryk tribe was buried in a large ancient burial tomb, or…


Added by Gleb Raygorodetsky on June 21, 2013 at 15:32 — No Comments

Restoring the Sacred Web of Life in Siberia’s Golden Mountains

Golden Mountains of Altai, Russia–For countless generations, Altai people herded their livestock across what is now known as the Golden Mountains of Altai UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, in Russia’s southern Siberia. They endured many obstacles–from Mongol hordes to Soviet oppression.  Today, they face the new challenge–climate change. Torrential downpours, freezing and thawing splinter the rock and destroy…


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Changing With the Land: The Skolt Sámi’s Path to Climate Change Resilience

This photo essay offers a glimpse of the challenges that climate change presents for indigenous and local communities in northern Europe. An Arctic people of northern Finland whose livelihoods depend largely on their environment, the Skolt Sámi are searching for ways to remain resilient in the face of climate change.



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World Environment Day 2013: The reality of ‘reducing one’s foodprint’ in the Lake Victoria basin

Think. Eat. Save. Reduce your foodprint is the theme of World Environment Day 2013, to be celebrated on the 5th of June, 2013. The food-inspired global campaign focuses on the fact that over one billion tons of food are…


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A new opportunity to increase ambition in the UN climate talks

Tomorrow a new round of climate negotiations begins. The meeting, which takes place in Bonn, Germany, is the first meeting since the climate summit last year, COP18. Every time parties meet, they have a chance to move the talks forward, to increase ambition and to show the world that climate change is taken serious. What can we expect from the coming week in Bonn?

Not much, I am afraid…

Even if there is an agreement from COP18, many parties are disappointed. Ambition was…


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Somalia: Agriculture, Climate Change and Food Security Talks kick-off in Mogadishu

The Somali media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA) overjoyed the successful opening of the first national Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change at Somalia South-Central None State Actors (SOSCENSA) conference hall on Saturday march 23, 2013 and previously scheduled to be from…


Added by Daud Abdi Daud on March 23, 2013 at 21:41 — 1 Comment

Viridis Africa showcasing cleantech technologies appropriate for Africa

Viridis Africa 2013, 15 & 16 October, Killarney Country Club, Johannesburg

This October 15 & 16 will mark the third year Viridis Africa is to be held. It will be bigger, better, more defined and refined in achieving its stated goal of bringing together both investors and entrepreneurs from Africa to…


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