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How a great river is vanishing (Cover Story)

A field reporting of Bagmati river from Bagdwar to Chobhar




 Rajesh Poudel of Min Bhawan in Kathmandu, who had arrived in Bagdwar for walking uphill more than two and a half hours from Nagi Ghumba of Shiva Puri Himal, was filling his water bottle from a Tiger’s mouth shaped stream.…


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Selected List of Research on Media and Climate Change-Dr IMA Saleh

Saleh, I. (2014). "Narrating Climate Change Crisis: The Press, Social Imaginaries & Harsh Realities in Africa," in, Richard Maxwell, Jon Raundalen and Nina Lager Vestberg, Media and the Ecological Crisis,Routledge | Taylor & Francis, pp.161-173.

Saleh, I. (2012).Ups and Downs from Cape to Cairo: Journalisms Practice of Climate Change in Africa. In, Eide, E & Kunelius, R. (eds) Media Meets Climate. Gothenburg: Nordicom, Sweden, pp.47-…


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climate change in India

In India , climate change has to start at grassroot level.Common people hardly follow the normal hygienicity in day to day life. They litter out snacks packets here and there which are devoured by cattle and lead to their death.Garbage disposal is a question mark,still Indians have represented Lima--- for what? If COP  is just meant to be restricted to discussions and green funds, I guess people representing our country are not doing justice. Municipal corporations are there but, we find…


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Climate talks in Lima: Is EU bringing gifts to the poor?

A key challenge in international negotiations is how to strike a balance. As one part has initiated a first move, they await the counterpart to make the next. This is also the case for the ongoing climate negotiations in Lima. The true challenge is to agree on when a proposal is so important that the counterpart needs to make a corresponding proposal.

Leading up to COP20 in Lima, we saw many initiatives from the EU.…


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Climate finance is about more than numbers

A global transition, towards a green future, built on resilience, will not come for free. Investments are needed, and action needs to be taken. And there is need for someone to pay the bill.


Climate finance has been a key element in the climate debates for years, and some progress has been made. The Green Climate Fund is a concrete result from the UN…


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Church leaders send their blessings to the IPCC meeting in Copenhagen

His Holiness…


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EU leaders: We want to be climate champions…but we don’t know how

climate and energy policyFriday, early morning, EU leaders adopted a new climate and energy policy. A policy which should guide the unions’ effort towards a low carbon transformation, including targets which would feed into the forthcoming global climate agreement, to be adopted in Paris 2015.

Footprints of…


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Genetically Engineered Crops: Key to Climate Adaptation and Food Security in Africa?

By :  |
Sub-Saharan Africa is a continent that faces serious food security problems that threaten millions of inhabitants. The problem of African…

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Coastal Life: Saltish like sea water

Their Mud-made homes are situated some half kilometer away from sea. They have no way to understand their life, they only knows that “their life is like waves, sometime up and sometime down”. From Badin city, a link road goes to Sirani, a small village like town. This road turns into Kacha Rasta, which goes along with mirwah canal. This kacha Rasta ends at this village Sheikh Qurhio. Natives of this village remains deprived all of human facilities and unable to achieve their livelihood.…


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Climate days in New York, what can we expect?

There is an increasing global awareness about the need to take climate change seriously. Actually, this knowledge has been known for quite some time, and many governments around the world are already taking initiatives to reduce emissions, and to transform their countries into low carbon economies. Still science tells us that there is need to do more, a lot more.

The coming days in New York the need “to do more” is in…


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Three reasons why Juncker should keep the position as climate commissioner

Today the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker will present his new commission, and we will know what the new top management of the European Union will look like. I am sure the commission will be a group of well qualified and committed people, but their performance will not only depend on their skills, but also which tasks and responsibilities they are given.…


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Agric transformation under spotlight of Climate Change and Development in Africa confab

The 4th Climate Change and Development in Africa (CCDA-IV) conference will put spotlight on climate knowledge opportunities that can transform agricultural production systems to feed Africa sustainably.

In recognition of 2014 as the year of agriculture, the CCDA-IV will be convened in Marrakesh, Morocco…


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What climate change and slave trade in Africa have in common

The Island of Gorée, according to UNESCO, is an exceptional testimony to one of the greatest tragedies in the history of human societies – the slave trade. 


The Island, which lies off the coast of Senegal, opposite Dakar, was the largest slave-trading centre on the African coast, from the 15th to the…


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My issues with the environment and climate change

I knew not much about climate change when I first wrote a poem on the environment in 2003 during my sojourn in Lagos, Nigeria. I was however conscious all was not well with man’s inhumanity to…


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Myriad challenges as Global Environmental meet kicks off


By George Okore

 President Uhuru Kenyatta has rolled out red carpet to welcome delegates who converge in Kenya next week in global efforts to address environmental sustainability.

 From 23 to 27 June 2014, 2014, the inaugural UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) will be hosted by Nairobi based United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to be attended by 160 UN Member and Observer States. The newly constituted UN…


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Media Trainers Consultancy-SADC

The SADC secretariat through the Programme on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in the Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA-EAC-SADC) Region seeks consultancy from individual experts to offer training/sensitisation to media practitioners on issues related to Climate Change. The programme will be holding a media sensitization workshop for 2 days in Malawi on June 10-11. The main objective of the workshop is to enhance skills of media practitioners in the region in reporting  on climate…


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