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Green Life Style student organization presents Celebrating Green Women.



Johannesburg, South Africa – Green Life Style will present Celebrating Green Women, taking place at University of Johannesburg, Doornfontein Campus on the 12th August 2011, and featuring this green speakers: Deputy Minister of Energy Ms Barbara Thompson, Deputy Vice Chancellor Strategic Services Dr Zola Njongwe, CEO of SABRIC Ms Kalyani Pillay, United Nations Youth Ambassador for Environmental Programme Ms Ella Bella and a performance from Kloz Family group.


Green Life Style is proud to bring Celebrating Green Women to University of Johannesburg for the first time in the country. Celebrating Green Women will further mobilize students to pay attention to the saving and caring approach to our daily lifestyle. It is an event aimed at uniting the students and youth to take care of the natural resources and start to be responsible when coming to the economic use of electricity and water.


Celebrating Green Women is an event to be attended by everyone, as we will be honoring the women of the country during the August month. All students and university stuff are welcomed to come as this celebration needs to be a motivator when reducing the carbon footprint of the university and country in particular.


Taking lyrics from Kloz Family “Green Life Style is a top life………the green revolution is the smart life…..”, then with Celebrating Green Women, the entertainment industry is encouraged to start entertaining the citizens with something that is of beneficiary to the reduction of carbon footprint of the country. During GLS launch, Paul Vermeulen from City Power said “we cannot live two lives at a time, students must not leave a room lights on while they are in lecturers.”


Few are adopting the eco-rules and when all of us start to be conscious about the usage of electricity, then that will indicate that the youth is living a simple life while applying higher thoughts. In our vicinity; study, save and sustainability is of paramount that student should adopt, so we be green. Again Recover, Reduce; Recycle, Reuse and Regulate should be our way forward so we reach “simple living with higher thinking” M. Nandarani.


Our green constituencies fortunately are women of the coming generation who are also thinking tanks of University of Johannesburg. But the day should be celebrated by the entire student community.

It is high time we celebrate a saving initiative with a style, so this green lifestyle will be adopted by those who are not aware of the imbalances of the greenhouse. There is a great talk about alternative ways of producing clean energy and Green Life Style opted for an awareness and educational green style for all.


Indeed without green there is no us.


Thank you.

Sibusiso Reuben Bakana

Johannesburg, South Africa.

University of Johannesburg Student

+2776 644 8331

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