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Legal issues are not the obstacle - FIELD's viewpoint on Durban is available at

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Coming from an engineering and ecological background, I have to agree legal issues are not the obstacle. Sometimes I like to look at such systems in terms of ecological analysis. Justus Von Liebigs law of Minimum or limiting factors.'s_law_of_the_minimum

In an Einstein type 'what if' thought experiment. Imagine tomorrow a limitless source of energy was found that had no greenhouse problems. This would still allow exploitation, depletion and manipulation of resouces and hence he associated pollution and waste generated. Contributing to the collapse of the ecological support systems of the planet without any need for involvement of climate change issues from associated gases.

So in a way the regulation around climate change could be a limiting factor in preventing the next and greater catastrophy. Obstacle being equated with an ecological concept of limiting factor.

So perhaps the obstacle is, going back to Einstein, "a problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that caused it".  Do we need to look at climate change from the next organisational level to get some overview. Is the problem the paradigm - the way we are running a planet, rather than just a focus on climate change which is just one part of the challenge.

Would the obstacles be removed if the paradigm or global belief system was examined.


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