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The Green Climate Fund (GCF) should facilitate funding to developing countries to drive: Global Feed-in Tariff Programmes for Grid-connected Technologies – Micro-Credit Programmes for Decentralised Off-Grid Applications – Complementary mechanisms to ensure renewable integration. This side event will discuss implementation and challenges of the GCF and will demonstrate potential funding mechanisms such as Special Drawing Rights of the IMF, which can be used as a source of funding to raise the necessary $100 billion immediately for a renewable energy transition without an inflationary impact.


Be invited to this high level side event: 7th Dec., 3pm, Room Indwe River


The organizers see the creation of the GCF as a significant opportunity to accelerate climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. The GCF should emphasize direct investment in renewable energy technologies (i.e. solar, wind, hydropower, biomass, and geothermal) and supporting infrastructure, which can make effective and sustainable contributions both in the short and long term. The success of GCF Programmes must be measured in terms of emission-free energy and sustainable output of the deployed solutions throughout their life cycles. Careful monitoring of GCF projects to ensure effective use of fund to achieve the desired outcomes is essential.

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Hey Dan, thanks for that information. Are you somehow involved in that?

I am a supporter and I know Reed Hundt, who leads the group.

Dear Daniel

Could you put me in touch with the fund, I would like to invite them to Viridis Africa, the only clean tech investment (venture capital / private equity) conference in Africa.

Daniel Harold Miller said:

I am a supporter and I know Reed Hundt, who leads the group.


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