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Regenerative Cities: What are efficient technologies, best policies and enabling governance structures for sustainable development in megacities? How do we achieve low-carbon societies and how can that contribute to poverty alleviation? In order to answer these questions, this side event presents results from cooperative projects in Gauteng-South Africa, Hyderabad-India and Urumqi, China, with particular focus on people’s participation.


Be invited to our side event: 30th Nov., 8.15pm, Apies River


Modern cities consume vast amounts of energy and materials and their waste discharges put enormous pressure on the Earth’s ecosystems.

Whilst cities depend on ecosystem services such as freshwater, air, soils and wetlands they also tend to disrupt them. Cities significantly contribute to climate change and their ecological footprints can exceed their surface area hundreds of times. And yet, urbanisation is increasing and global urban impacts are still growing.

  • Can this situation be changed?
  • What policies and governance structures are necessary to enable cities to tackle this challenge?
  • How do we achieve low-carbon cities and how can that contribute to poverty alleviation?

This side event presents case studies of low carbon city development, adapted technology development and smart energy efficiency in cities. It shows how citizen participation can play a major role in poverty alleviation.

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