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Cocoa production in Ivory Coast has been referred to as 'Africa's Miracle' Crop!

Africa has been coined with various names and definitions! Strange but motivating. The sleeping giant, emerging economy,resources based continent! Much of the first class coffee brewed in large cities all over the world originates from the continent. We are also seeing an increasing interest for beef reared on the African continent.

There is real encouragement for the continent and specifically individual states to go an extra mile to increase production,through increased productivity and exploration for newly untapped virgin acreage. Even vast rain forest reserves are being brought into production for sugarcane,coffee or tea. In this global climatic change scenario,who should sit on such investment panels as to plan for massive agricultural production processes? After the conflicts in Ivory Coast for-instance,the peace has returned for production of cocoa,the so called Africa's miracle crop.

Is danger not eminent that delicate ecosystem could be tampered with? Which way agricultural production? How can we reconcile this marriage between production and equitable protection of the environment?

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